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I know I have been quite remiss in updating my fitness blog but thought I would catch it back up now. I kind of fizzled out after a couple of weeks of Insanity.

I ordered my Insanity workout and was excited to get started. I went through the nutrition guide and figured out my meals, calories etc. I liked that it incorporated a lot more carbs than P90X.  I was really shocked to see how many calories they recommended me to eat. For Step 1, they used the Harris Benedict Equation which for women is 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years). This calculates the basal engery needs which is basically how many calories you need to maintain your current weight without exercise. For me it was 1715, which seemed like a lot to me. For Step 2, you take the number from the Harris Benedict Equation and multiply it by the “exercise factor” which they assured me would be moderately active to very active while doing Insanity. I picked moderately active (1.55) just to be on the safe side. Step 3 is taking the number from Step 2 and subtracting 500 calories for weight loss.

Here is what I ended up with: 1715 x 1.55 = 2658 – 500 = 2158 the magic number of calories I was supposed to eat every day.

Now I don’t think I’ve ever consistently eaten over 2,000 calories a day in my life, but this sure sounded good to me. Carbs and more calories woo hoo! They made it sound like I would just burn hundreds and hundreds of calories doing the Insanity workouts.

I started out happily on week one eating meals specified in the meal guide. It seemed like a lot of food but they must know what they are doing right? I did the workouts religiously, they were tough but I made it though them ok. I figured P90X helped me get in shape for them.

Then came weigh day for week one. I gained 1.5 pounds! How could this be?! I recalculated everything to make sure I hadn’t miscalculated the calories, but I hadn’t. I decided to be extra religious on the food for week 2. Weigh day for week two was even worse, I gained 2 pounds! The horror! I was extremely upset to gain 3.5 pounds in two weeks after working so hard to lose weight doing P90X. I decided then and there to abandon Insanity and go back to P90X. I was totally disgusted.

In hindsight, I should have known something was wrong with eating that many calories and carbs. I think they totally over-calculate how many calories are being burned on the workouts. If I had used a heart rate monitor, I would have known how many calories I was actually burning. I have since invested in a good heart rate monitor. Perhaps I will try Insanity again but eat a lot less calories and also use the heart rate monitor so I will know how many calories are being burned.

The moral of the story: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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KFC signs: Old and NewYou might remember a few weeks ago when KFC advertised their new Grilled chicken by letting people download coupons for a free meal. Wow, what a great deal. I went to the site straight away and downloaded some coupons. I was annoyed that it forced the user to download a coupon program, but it was so that a unique bar code could be generated. That made sense, so that people couldn’t duplicate coupons. I was excited about using the coupons that weekend, but when I went to KFC to use them. I was told that they were no longer honoring the coupon due to fraud. The girl behind the counter said that people had been copying the coupons and using them over and over. This made no sense to me since wasn’t that the whole point of having to download the annoying coupon printer? Perhaps she was just misinformed. She gave me a form that could be filled out and mailed in or turned in at the store for rain check coupons that could be used at a later date. At any rate, I did not buy anything there that day and went somewhere else to eat. I was not about to get duped into the old bait and switch trick.

After I got home, I filled out the form and sent it along with my printed coupons to KFC. I was extremely annoyed with the whole affair as I’m sure plenty of other people were too. I don’t know what KFC’s marketing department was thinking, it should have been obvious from the start that there could be trouble.

A few weeks after I mailed in my coupons, I received my new KFC coupons in the mail and these coupons also included a free drink which was nice. However, the coupons were not good until almost two months after the date I received them. Perhaps they are hoping that in two months time I will forget about the coupons and they won’t have to give out the free meals after all.

It is nice that KFC wanted to give out free meals, but they really should have thought through the whole thing a little better. When they quit honoring the coupon, I’m sure it upset a lot of people. Maybe it upset them enough not to want to go to KFC again, or at least put a black mark on the KFC name. Some people in California were so upset that they are suing KFC. It will be interesting to see how that lawsuit turns out. In a couple of months time, I plan to enjoy my free KFC grilled chicken and I will then be able to determine if it was worth all the fuss.

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Would you call a telemarketer?

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How Do You Handle Telemarketers?I started receiving calls a couple of days ago on my work phone from people thinking I had called them. I hadn’t called anyone and rarely even use my work phone. After a few calls, I was curious and answered the phone and asked the person who called what number they were trying to reach. The lady said that my number was on her caller id and she just hit call back. I asked what the number was. I immediately saw what the problem was, my work number is the same as the first 7 digits of the number, so the caller id did not dial 1 first, hence the first 7 digits of my number is what was dialed in my area code and it ignored the last three digits. This would not be a problem on a cell phones, but landlines still require the 1.

I am absolutely amazed at the number of people who call back a number that they don’t even recognize. I usually don’t answer unrecognized numbers, much less call them back. A quick Google search of the phone number revealed that it was from Pennsylvania and there were several complaints of it being a telemarketer selling cruises. There are several web sites such as Caller Complaints where people can report telemarketing calls and also comment on them. I have not been answering my phone when outside calls come in, however, one lady was quite insistent and left 3 voice mails asking to be called back. I finally called her back and explained the situation. This morning I had 5 voice mails, some hang-ups and some actual messages. Some people even tell me their name, phone number and where they live. It’s somewhat amusing but also annoying. Hopefully the telemarketer will be shut down soon or use a different number and I will quit getting these calls!

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Put Shopping Carts in Their Place!

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Shopping Cart

Picture yourself driving through the parking lot at your local grocery, you see an open spot but just as you get ready to pull in, you see a cart in the spot. This has to be one of the most exasperating things on earth. It always annoys me to no end when people don’t put their shopping carts back in the little cart corral. It is one of my pet peeves. Come on people, how hard can it be? Is it any wonder a large percentage of Americans are obese when we can’t walk 20 feet to put a shopping cart away? Not to mention that the shopping carts are free to run into random cars and dent them.

Some grocery stores such as Aldi have a system that requires a quarter to get a cart out and the quarter is returned when the cart is put back. It is a very simple yet effective system. I am really surprised that more grocery stores don’t do this. Next time you are out shopping, put your shopping cart in its place!

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