P90X Weeks 2 & 3: On again, off again, on again


P90X Logo Weeks 2 & 3After a good start with week 1, week 2 went pretty well also. I lost another pound after my second week so I was happy for a total of 2.5 pounds lost. Week 3 threw me for a bit of a loop since we had a long weekend of vacation. I took my P90X DVD’s with me and had the best of intentions of working out while I was on vacation, but it just didn’t happen. I did however do a 7.5 mile hike and do a lot of walking so I guess that counts for something. I didn’t do too badly with my diet until the last day when we went to a Mr. Gatti’s all you can eat pizza buffet. Not the best place forĀ  P90Xer but you win some you lose some… I think since I only managed to get in 2 workouts during week 3, I am just going to repeat it instead of starting the week 4 recovery. Then I will do the recovery week after my “second” week 3.

The diet is getting slightly easier. I did discover that I need to eat more carbs before the cardio workouts. I kept crashing during Kenpo and Plyometrics, I simply felt like I ran out of steam about halfway through. From now on I’m going to try eating a small piece of fruit before cardio as one of my Twitter friends suggested. I also bought some Clif Builder Protein Bars which are somewhat like the P90X protein bars, they have the same amount of protein (20g) but they are all natural and taste good and are cheaper than ordering P90X bars. I got a big box of them at Sam’s Club. I still haven’t gotten a “real” recovery drink and have been using chocolate milk. I am thinking about trying Accelerade because it has the same 4:1 carb to protein ratio that the P90X recovery drink does. I need to do a little more research on recovery drinks though.

One thing I have noticed about the workouts, is that I feel like the resistance bands aren’t challenging enough for the pull up exercises. I am going to work on rigging up a way to do pull ups so I can get the full effect. My husband and I have a small gym in our basement so we will figure something out. I think our weight rack and a bar secured to it might work, we are going to try it.

I have been posting about my P90X workouts on my Twitter account and have been amazed at the awesome support I’ve gotten. I have gained a few P90X followers and some of them have had some excellent advice. I have been using the P90X hashtag on posts (#P90X). Even though I’ve gotten off of the P90X path a bit, I am coming back strong and am determined to stay the course.

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  1. Mom says:

    Good for you, hang in there!

  2. John Cowart says:

    Great Job Mel! Don’t stop. Keep pushing. I think it’s a good idea to start week 3 over. If I miss 2 days I start the week over typically. I started with accelerade and it’s definetly better than no recovery drink. It doesn’t have any amino acids like endurox r4 or p90x recovery drink does. Which help in repairing tissue mostly. I started accelerade because the low carbs and no sugar. What I learned later was that the sugar(simple carbs) was for the quicking the uptake into the muscles of the vitamins, and that it helps boost the glycogen levels thus helping muscle repair.)
    As long as you have one to help you recover it’s all good!
    Keep on pushing play, eat clean and get lean!

  3. Melinda says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am going to keep going! I am definitely going to get a recovery drink to see if it’s more effective than chocolate milk.

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  5. Fred from Long Island says:

    I’m glad you are adjusting your carbs to a comfortable level. I hear that if you “bonk” (crash hard due to lack of carbs) it will take you a few days to recover.

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