P90X Weeks 6 & 7: Keep on Keepin’ On


P90X Logo Weeks 6 & 7

Week 6

If there is one thing I’m good at, it is being persistent. I think that is coming in very handy with this workout routine. Even though I’ve been feeling a little discouraged, I’ve kept going. I figure the worst that can happen is that when I get to the end, I won’t get the results I want and I’ll just have to try something else. For week 6, I was happy to see that I lost another pound. I had really hoped to lose more like 2 pounds a week but so far that just isn’t happening. I am hoping it is because I’m gaining muscle.

I continued to struggle with energy levels while doing Plyometrics and Kenpo X. I also tweaked my left knee a little and it started giving me some issues. It’s odd because in all my years of working out, I haven’t had any injuries and this is the second issue I’ve had with P90X. (The first being my left shoulder blade.) Either I’m doing something wrong or I’m just getting older and not as resilient as I once was. Or perhaps my body is a little different after going through pregnancy. At any rate, I need to be more careful.

Week 7

Unfortunately, I came down with a cold during week 7 so I ended up taking one sick day which was Plyo. It was probably just as well since my left knee was still bothering me. Despite having a cold and a bum knee, I still managed to lose a pound.

I finally broke down and bought a recovery/energy drink. I keep having issues with crashing during cardio workouts so I thought I would try it. I had a 40% off coupon from GNC so I bought some Accelerade. I really wanted it more for an energy drink than a recovery drink. So far I’ve used it with two cardio workouts and I really think it makes a difference in my energy level. Or maybe it’s just all in my head, but at least I think it’s working. A commenter on one of my previous posts gave me a link to another article singing the praises of chocolate milk as a recovery drink so maybe I’ll try it again after I finish the Accelerade. Previously I had been drinking fat free chocolate milk after a workout for the recovery drink. The thought of drinking it during a workout seems odd but maybe I’ll try it. The recovery drink mixes are a bit pricey and I’m skeptical about some of the ingredients. I like to keep things as natural as possible.

I’m looking forward to my week 8 rest week and hoping that phase 3 will bring even better results!

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  1. John Cowart says:

    Go MELINDA! Milk has a very slow absorption rate. You want something faster post workout. You would get better results with chocolate whey protein powders than chocolate milk. The accelerade is good, but Cytocell or Endurox is better suited for resistance night. BRING IT MEL!

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