P90X Weeks 8 & 9: Recovery and Phase 3


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Week 8

Week 8 was my second recovery week, and I was glad when it rolled around. I was still recovering a bit from a cold and sore knee. While I didn’t gain any weight like I did on my last recovery week, I didn’t lose any either. I’m thinking maybe I need to cut the calories a little during the recovery week although I don’t remember seeing that anywhere in the guide. At any rate, I was a little bummed not to have lost any.

Week 9

I was excited to start phase 3 since I have heard that is when a lot of people see the best results. I felt like I was a little more intense on the workouts this week. I think one thing that has helped, is that I started working out in the afternoons. My baby has started taking longer afternoon naps than morning naps now, so I decided to switch. I feel like I have more energy in the afternoon than in the morning. Also, I have been continuing to use Accelerade before, during and after my cardio workouts. It has really helped me work harder I think. I am happy that I did lose a pound during week 9. It’s hard to believe I am on the last phase already, I just need to keep going and not lose steam now!

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  1. Mel,
    Check your cals against the beachbody site. Make sure your on with the carbs. You may need to lower them a little. Eat less carbs toward the end of the day. Just make sure you take in some a bit before you workout for extra energy during phase three. Lower your cals by 100 or 200 and see if that helps also.

  2. Melinda says:

    Thanks John! I will try lowering my calories on the next recovery week. I’ve been tracking my calories with the Calorie Counter app.

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