P90X: What I Learned in 13 Weeks – Recap & Tips


I was thrilled to make it through P90X! Although I didn’t quite get the results I wanted, I did get good results. Here is my take on P90X and some tips.

P90X as a Post Pregnancy workout

I started P90X about 3 months after I had my first baby. I was about 15 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight and still had a jelly belly. In hindsight, P90X probably wasn’t the best choice for a post-pregnancy workout. I did do some cardio workouts to prepare for it, so I was able to do the workouts fine. However, I didn’t quite lose the weight I was hoping for, I think I would have been better off to do a more cardio based workout to lose some of the baby weight, and then do P90X to get more buff.

What worked

  • Working out in the afternoon worked out much better for me than working out in the morning. Also, drinking Accelerade during the cardio workouts helped tremendously when I was working out in the mornings. If I worked out in the afternoon after lunch, I was usually fine and then would eat a protein bar or drink chocolate milk for recovery.
  • Chocolate milk as a recovery drink. I liked using chocolate milk because it was more natural than most of the energy drinks. There are some studies supporting and some discounting chocolate milk as a recovery drink, but it seemed to work well for me. I used skim milk and Nesquik to make my own.
  • My Beachbody coach, John was a huge encouragement. Sign up on the Beachbody website, coaches are free.

What might have helped

  • A mirror – it would have been nice for making sure my form was correct
  • A heart-rate monitor – I really should get one for the cardio workouts so I can see how hard I am working
  • A workout partner – I think a workout partner would have helped me push myself harder

Overall, I would definitely recommend P90X. It is a great mix of cardio and weight lifting. I really enjoyed the 13 weeks, it is a big commitment but it’s worth it. I am already looking to what I’m going to do next, I am planning to do a round of Insanity, which is another Beachbody series but it is more cardio based. I may then do another round of P90X when I am finished with it.

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  1. Brian says:

    Melinda, I haven’t read through all your postings yet, but in your “What Might Have Helped” section, you didn’t mention before and after pics. I am 8 weeks into my new routine, and didn’t take any pics early on. I know I have shaped up a good bit, but I have nothing to go back and tangibly see where I have changed. Did you do before and after pics?

  2. Melinda says:

    Brian, They actually tell you to do before and after pics in the P90X guide so I didn’t think to put that in. Good point though! I did before, 30 day and 60 day pics but unfortunately didn’t get around to doing the 90 day pics. Terrible I know…

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