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My Chai Latte Addiction

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I still remember my first encounter with chai like it was yesterday. It began innocently enough; I had a new position in my company and a new manager who occasionally liked to take the team to Starbucks. Not being a coffee fan, I wasn’t sure what to order on my first trip. I decided hastily on the chai latte since that sounded safe enough. Little did I know, I was beginning a lifelong love of chai. I took that first sip and was transported. The delicious spices filled my senses and warmed my tummy, I had no idea that such a delightful beverage existed. I have since tried several different kinds of chai but my all time favorite remains the Tazo chai latte from Starbucks. It just can’t be beat.

I have tried making chai myself at home and although it is never quite as good as Starbucks, it does the trick when I have a chai attack and need some chai now. The Tazo Chai Organic Natural Spiced Black Tea Concentrate is the best but most expensive option and can be mixed with milk. It is the concentrate that Starbucks uses to make their chai lattes. Just heat and mix equal parts milk and concentrate and there you have your own homemade chai latte. I also like Stash Premium Tea, White Chai and Stash Premium Decaf Chai Spice Tea.

I try to limit myself to no more than one Starbucks chai latte a week since I don’t want to go bankrupt or gain 10 pounds. I love to say, “Tall chai latte please”. I wait in anticipation by the counter while the barista whips up the concoction and then enjoy my 180 calories of pure, spicy bliss. There must be chai in heaven.

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