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Why P90X, Why Now?

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55/365 P90X
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As many of you may know, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy about 3 months ago. Unfortunately, I am still carrying around 15 pounds of that baby weight. Now that I’m getting into a bit of a routine, I realized that I really need to get back in shape. I’m tired of not being able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. I don’t want to be stuck in sweat pants and t-shirts for the rest of my life.

I have some friends who have had good success with Tony Horton’s P90X and after reading up on it, I decided it is exactly what I need to get back in shape. I have done 10 Minute Trainer workouts in the past that are also from Tony Horton and like his training style.  P90X has been out for a while so there is a ton of info on it online. Plus, it’s not in as high of demand as it used to be so I was able to find it for a good deal on eBay.  If you buy it from Beachbody on Amazon, it’s a whopping $140, but I found it for a mere $47. Not bad for 13 DVD’s, the nutrition guide and fitness guide. Plus the BeachBody web site has a wealth of information and help for people getting started.

P90X is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough workout and diet regimen meant to get one in peak shape within 90 days. Tony Horton, the P90X trainer, shows how to work out all the muscle groups and also throws in cardio and yoga. It’s a varied workout and it’s based on muscle confusion which means continually working out different muscles so they don’t get used to doing the same workouts over and over.

After doing my calculations I found out I am on level 1 for the nutrition. Which means I need 1800 calories a day. Phase 1 of the diet is very high protein, low fat and low carb so we will see how it goes. I guess this means goodbye to my chai latte addiction for a while…

I have my meal plan made out and my grocery shopping done, now all I need to do is “bring it” as Tony Horton would say. Hopefully this blog will give me some level of accountability and I will be able to stick it out for 90 days!

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