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Would you call a telemarketer?

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How Do You Handle Telemarketers?I started receiving calls a couple of days ago on my work phone from people thinking I had called them. I hadn’t called anyone and rarely even use my work phone. After a few calls, I was curious and answered the phone and asked the person who called what number they were trying to reach. The lady said that my number was on her caller id and she just hit call back. I asked what the number was. I immediately saw what the problem was, my work number is the same as the first 7 digits of the number, so the caller id did not dial 1 first, hence the first 7 digits of my number is what was dialed in my area code and it ignored the last three digits. This would not be a problem on a cell phones, but landlines still require the 1.

I am absolutely amazed at the number of people who call back a number that they don’t even recognize. I usually don’t answer unrecognized numbers, much less call them back. A quick Google search of the phone number revealed that it was from Pennsylvania and there were several complaints of it being a telemarketer selling cruises. There are several web sites such as Caller Complaints where people can report telemarketing calls and also comment on them. I have not been answering my phone when outside calls come in, however, one lady was quite insistent and left 3 voice mails asking to be called back. I finally called her back and explained the situation. This morning I had 5 voice mails, some hang-ups and some actual messages. Some people even tell me their name, phone number and where they live. It’s somewhat amusing but also annoying. Hopefully the telemarketer will be shut down soon or use a different number and I will quit getting these calls!

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