Google Adsense for Domains vs. Sedo Parking


I have a bad habit of collecting domain names and have been parking them with Sedo Parking for a while in an attempt to make a few bucks by having ads on the domains. The idea is that I would make enough to at least support my habit and have the domains pay for themselves through ad clicks. A few months ago Google made its Adsense for Domains available to regular folks so I finally got around to trying it out at the beginning of March. I took one of my domains that I had parked with Sedo and switched it to use Google Adsense for Domains. I wanted to see how it would perform before I moved all of my domains over.

Google Adsense for Domains is like all other Google products, very minimalistic. It doesn’t have as nice of reporting capabilities as Sedo and the template choices are very limited. Also, it is somewhat cumbersome to set up the domain with Adsense and could be time consuming for a large numer of domains. But the real issue is, how does it stack up as far as ad revenue? I suppose it would be better if I had more than a month’s worth of statistics, but it is probably a pretty good indication of how it will do in the future. Here is the low down:

Google Adsense for Domains:
March $15.09

Sedo Parking:
December: $5.83
January: $7.42
February $3.65

I thought I would include three months of Sedo data for a better average. It looks like Google Adsense is the clear winner here in the money department, just as I suspected it would be since it is cutting out the middle man. The difference is pretty significant. Now I will be working on switching over all of my other domains. I know I’m not going to get rich since I don’t have any really good domain names that people would just type in on accident or domain name misspellings, but if I can make enough to have the domains pay for themselves, I will be happy. Then one day when (or if) I actually get around to developing them into money making sites, I will be glad I kept them.

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  1. joe riley says:

    i heard parking increases traffic however, thus increasing your domain value – is that true?

  2. Melinda says:

    I don’t know that for a fact but it seems like it would be true in theory. Parking a domain usually gets it listed on the search engines which would definitely increase traffic.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Melinda

    What kind of traffic levels are you getting to generate that revenue, if you don’t mind me asking?

  4. Melinda says:


    The numbers vary quite a bit from month to month so I averaged 4 months worth of unique hits together and it averaged 256 a month. So not a ton really, the domain was formerly a “real” site, so that helps with click through rates I think.

  5. [...] You won't get rich like the Many who did in the good ol' type in domain name days But… Google Adsense for Domains vs. Sedo Parking | Melinda's Musings [...]

  6. Boko says:

    If I purchase clicks on a website as advertising and the people there go to my parked domain and click ads, is that legal?

  7. Thanks for the tip on Adsense domain parking, I’m going to give that a try myself and see if I come out better than my standard shared revenue parking page from my Godaddy reseller account.

  8. arwin kim says:

    how do you generate traffic to your parked domains?

  9. Melinda says:

    On this particular domain, it was previously a “real” site so I think a lot of the traffic came from links etc that were out there.

  10. Mike says:

    Hi i had about 50 domains sitting and i went with adsense for domains ,Was already a adsense search and content etc about 5 years. Out of all domains 5 were considered in violation and not posted but search results gave me bad neighborhood rating even though DN was not assosiated with any not worth bothering but was a shock to me no TM infringement,gambling,guns,drugs…etc.
    Just a thought when adding domains .
    KEYword means everything

    Thanks for listening

  11. Mike says:

    Ps I would list DN but i don’t want to encourage spam.

  12. Landy M says:

    Hey, Melinda!

    Thanks for the note. I just was in the choice point between Sedo and Gogle AdSense. Thus I had never tried any of those for domain parking I had no idea about possible performance there.
    Your post gave me great recommendation. I’ll go with Google.

  13. This is not true after the new panda change.

    I dont make a dime from adsense since the change.

  14. Arturo says:

    My experiencie is….

    Google pays more, but doesn’t support subdomains (if you write down “mysubdomain.domain.com”, you get a fantastic Error 404 page)

    If you want to make a little change here or there to improve your income, it’s very probable that “that little change” is against google’s TOS, and probably you will be banned.

  15. zahid rouf says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  16. KT says:

    Sedo was completely useless for me. I had my domains listed with them and parked with them for about 3 years. Not one lead and during the same time I sold 3 or 4 domains all well above $5000 by buyers simply contacting me directly using the email address for the domain owner. I was averaging about $3 a month in parking. I got fed up with them for their stupid limit rule for listing domains over $10,000. I took all the domains away and took parking to my reseller godaddy account. Last month they made $63 in PPC. That is about 20 times more than Sedo. I am so upset that I lost on the extra money for 3 years but happy that I realized and stopped getting screwed by stickiing with sedo.

  17. I am with Parked.com and the revenue is hopeless and looking for answers in Google and found your blog. I think I should give a try with google domain parking.

  18. Jesús says:

    Good info. I need it thank you

  19. sultan says:

    sedo give free parking.
    But for google adsense we pay hosting fees.

  20. Jason M says:

    I read your article, very interesting and gave me lots of information about domain parking.
    I plan to move my domains parked at Sedo, a move to Google adsense. What really sedo cut commission of any money they make from our domain?

    ironic and surprising. But it is quite reasonable.
    Are there any other suggestions about the company better than SEDO ?

    thank you
    Jason M. in London
    admin superbigbonus.com

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